We are delighted to announce that the Shrine in Fatima have endorsed The 13th Day with the following statement… fatima-shrine

The Shrine of Fatima recognizes that this independent fictional film, based on the events surrounding the apparitions of Fatima, is of great value. It is an intense film that shows great sensitivity. It shows research and dedication, and it is well structured. From the very first contacts the Shrine had with the production crew, the group always manifested to have, as main purpose for this work, to highlight the message of Fatima. After viewing the final product, the Shrine congratulates the entire crew and prays that this main purpose may soon come to fruition, so that the world may, through Our Lady and this remarkable event for the Church and for the world, come to God.

In addition, the Shrine has agreed for The 13th Day to Premiere at the Sanctuary theatre, the Amphitheatre of Paul VI Pastoral Centre, a 2200 seater auditorium in Fatima on October 13th 2009 at 21.00. We are working with Paulus Editora to enable this awesome opportunity to present The 13th Day spectacle of the Miracle of the Sun, on the actual anniversary and location of its original occurrence. All main crew and cast members will be attending the event, so we look forward to meeting you there. The doors will be open to all who wish to attend and it is a free event !