Fatima Film Director

The 13th Day is a story of faith, and of course, miracles. It is an incredible story with elements that may defy belief, yet it is not a work of fiction.

The film is based on actual events which are verified by the collaborate evidence of people of all classes and beliefs.

However, due to the nature of film as both an art form and a story telling medium, certain ‘liberties’ have been taken while adapting the story into a screenplay. For example, issues such as time restraints have meant that certain elements of the story have had to be omitted or ‘merged’ into other scenes. Indeed, the script writing process has been very much a balancing act of artistic interpretation and faithful recreation of the events and people that make up the story behind The 13th Day.

It has also been our aim while writing this screenplay, to highlight the human story that is surely just as inspiring as what seventy thousand people witnessed that day in October 1917, in a field, in Portugal.