usa-flagThe 13th Day has been shown in over 120 screening events throughout North America in the last six weeks, with more being added daily.  To locate a venue near to you, download the following pdf file. Download North America Screenings for December and January. To organise a public screening of the film, visit and go to Movie Events. Join over 5000 other 13th Day Friends on Facebook for exclusive information and updates on viewing opportunities in North America at: The 13th Day is officially released in North America on 1st December, copies can be purchased via Ignatius Press at, and Amazon at  Please note, the DVDs will only play in Region 1 (Canada & US) encoded players only. jpii-film-festival The 13th Day featured at the John Paul II International Film Festival in Miami, Florida on October 31st 2009 where it played to a sell out audience.  Natasha Howes, the Producer, attended the festival, and wants to congratulate and thank the JPII team for a phenomenal experience and truly inspired selection of movies. The 13th Day was nominated for The People’s Award, by ‘the people’. The 13th Day has received fantastic endorsements from audiences and critics.  Read our new 13th Day Movie reviews section.