Fatima Film Music

An Interview with Andy Guthrie; if you would like more information then contact us direct or Buy the DVD online today:

What approach did you take to the original music?music1

Ian & Dom are the kind of directors who have a strong sense of the music and its role in film. They are good music editors and had already tried out some ideas. After discussions it was clear we wanted to develop 3 clear identities. One for the children’s life before the apparitions. A second for the apparitions and a third – the main theme – for Lucia.

How did the apparition sound come about?

For the apparition sound we wanted a real sense of power but also of warmth, a feeling that time was standing still and that the children were being immersed in a different reality. It was important that the sound was unworldly but still organic and in keeping with the overall period of the film. I experimented with lots of different sounds and late one night I eventually stumbled on a particular piano chord which had the right resonance. It was then a matter of treating the piano chord to make it float and ‘stand still’. Amongst the team it became known as the ‘Apparition Hum’.

You were also heavily involved in the sound design, right?music3