Ian & Dominic Higgins


Ian & Dominic Higgins have been writing and visualising movies since they were 7 years old.. Unfortunately the digital revolution was still some way off…

They originally studied art, photography and 3D design at Bournville Art College and only gained their first experience working within a film crew after a job interview at a local pub led to a chance meeting with a BBC set designer who took an interest in their budding script writing and film-making aspirations.

Shortly after they started their own art and design business through the Prince’s Trust. But once again they found themselves being led into the filmmaking world. Their appointed Business mentor happened to have a nephew who worked in the film industry!

They took this as a sign and began producing self-funded experimental short films. In 2003 they formed their own production company, Pixel Revolution Films and their First film “The Wolf Who Came in from the Cold”, won “Best Animation” at one of Hollywood’s first all digital film festivals, The International Digital Video Festival, and at Birmingham’s TIC Film Festival in 2004 where it also picked up the “Audience Choice Award For Best Animation”.

“The Coup De Grace” and “The Unquiet Room” followed, both films made official selections in various film festivals.

They are absolutely in love with the process of filmmaking, from the scripting and storyboarding process, to seeing an actor bring life to a character, from the framing and lighting of a shot to the magic created in the edit suite and the power that comes from all those unspoken emotions that can be only felt in music and sound.

And they love to tell a great story.

“The 13th Day” is their first feature film.

For more information on Pixel Revolution Films please visit Ian and Dominic’s website,
Pixel Revolution Films.